To my Dost

Oh, My Oldest Friend! None other than my dear Bhaiya – My Big Brother

Oh bro, you have been the oldest and ‘Bestest Dost’ ever that I have known since childhood! The age-gap definitely has helped us bond more as friends rather than sibling. So this day urges me to think more about you, wish you and thank you for being the best ‘buddy’ ever!

Of course I know how you don’t like to read emotional posts or anything rona-dhona. So I have put down some of the memorable instances we’ve shared and I know these would make you laugh, get embarrassed and maybe make you bang your head on the wall. SO here we go!

  1. Starting from Friendship’s day, I remember how you kept your collection of friendship bands in a pouch, and I would steal it from your desk whenever I got the opportunity. Your angry face used to be EPIC! I have also stolen innumerable erasers, pens and even your music cassettes (just in case you never noticed!).
  2. Tagging along with you every time you went out with your friends to play! I know you hated me coming along, but I knew how much pampering I would get from your friends. And of course when you didn’t take me along, the devil in me would sometimes lock you in your room or bathroom and you would howl at me.
  3. Raksha Bandhan used to be such a celebration for us in childhood. I remember preparing for the celebrations weeks in advance and would look forward to the gifts you gave. I treasure all your gifts to this day!
  4. Being the younger child of the two, I was used to having all the attention and being the Queen of the Universe, much to your annoyance! I made sure you got the blame every time I did something wrong! And also got pampered double times you by everyone.
  5. Eventually, I realized that you were actually a very caring brother and we would join forces to have a united front against Mom and Dad whenever we wanted something, which was way cooler than I ever expected. And sometimes, we would sneak out on your Scooty and grab a Kati Roll after classes. Through your Scooty, we would travel the whole city!
  6. Growing up, you were always called the ‘Maths Pandit’ and I always wanted to be on par with you. I remember you teaching me Physics and Maths when you would come home for summer holidays.
  7. Parting from you at the Mumbai Airport when you went for Master’s in 2006 was an incredibly emotional moment. It took a couple of months to digest that we would now be staying several miles away from each other. Of course, Yahoo Messenger and Skype helped in keeping touch with each other. But admittedly, I looked forward to seeing you return home and doing masti with you.
  8. Traveling abroad alone for me for the first time was a scary thought too. But your detailed list of to-do’s were so comprehensive and well planned, that it turned out to be a piece of cake. All throughout my Master’s, you guided me and were my Messiah for all my problems. I am so grateful for this.
  9. From siblings we became buddies. You were the first person to teach me what friendship means. We were secret-sharers and storytellers. We fought fiercely with each other and fiercely for each other. We were friends to the fullest.

So I finally wish you a very Happy Friendship’s day (and Happy Raksha Bandhan too, since it’s coming up in a week or so) and thank you for being the best friend ever. You have been a great brother, a foe, a teacher, a well-wisher and everything a person could be and you have been incredible in all these roles.

Lots of Love,

Your sister!


‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’



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