Live, Laugh, Poop

Long before I wanted to become a Software Engineer, I wanted to be a Doctor who studies Poop. Human poop to be precise. But well, that didn’t work out. However, after watching the movie “Piku” which talks blatantly on the different types of poop, I am even more encouraged to write my thoughts on this thing lovingly called “Potty”, scientifically called “Excreta” or “Feces”.

Even at 25 years of age, I don’t understand why we don’t discuss about Poop more openly. Women have so forthrightly started speaking on periods through blogs and other social media. There are books and websites dedicated to educate girls what changes their body is going through. But Poop is a phenomenon that all men and women face everyday! Its an important waste that needs to be pushed outside the body. We need to share our knowledge on this poop, to better our body! And to tell you a fact, amongst all religions, all nationalities, all time zones, from the rich mansions to dhobi ghat, and from the President to the homeless guy on the street, if there is something that binds us all commonly together, it’s the Poop!!!

Admit it or not, best days of your life are when you’ve had a good poopoo in the morning! In fact, I find every Great poop to be a reason to celebrate. Green poop, brown poop, dark brown poop, loosey poop, the poop where you have to strain to get it out of your system! I am sure everybody for a second does analyze the poop for the day! And the days we don’t poop are the worst! Coz we are constantly wondering why we didn’t poop that day.

I also tend to associate most of the everyday illnesses with the body. I remember explaining this concept to an ex- roomie when she complained of headache. Usually if we don’t have a poop or we have an unsatisfactory poop, the food of the previous day has not got out of the system. Our body always prefers to be in a steady state equilibrium. The amount of food we input should proportionately output outside this system. When this output is less/nil compared to the input, it does tend to upset the working of the system. That’s when problems like headache, cold, cough, feeling bloated creep up. I am not denying other factors play a role in these illnesses. But somewhere the body is upset because of the waste it did not push and tends to take revenge in some or the other way.

Studies show that many people who tend to underreport their problems with poop is because they find discussing poop to be embarrassing. Not many like to go to a doctor and say “I am not shitting. What do you have for that Doc, hmm?” I believe the more people are open on this topic and discuss freely, the lesser people face Potty Issues. Potty is the beautiful mess of our human body and its really important that we all make sure they are ship-shape all the time. Ship-shape potty makes for a brighter and healthier future.

And while you ponder on your ‘Poop of the day’, here’s a great article to check out how to get a great Poop!




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