The First KC

My Dear Husband,

It’s our first karva chauth today and we have been busy preparing for this day for the past 1-2 weeks. Shopping for mithais, getting all the fruits and flowers ready for the fast etc. It’s time we take a break on this day and look back. It’s been one year one month since we first saw each other on that misty late afternoon at the hotel entrance. From the hotel entrance to the wedding to our first karva chauth, time has flown so quickly.

Saying ‘yes’ to you for marriage was probably the only easiest thing in this whole adventure. We have worked exhaustively – day and night, striving to achieve our goals, sacrificing our restive weekends for scores of work pending. There were adventurous times and also times when we rejoiced. We shared the fruits borne equally and celebrated small steps towards our goals.

Past 1 year, I have learnt a lot from you. The true nature of a hardworking person, finding happiness in moments spent rather than materialistic pleasures, simple living, etc. And of course things like eating fruits every day, keeping a check on health and limiting chicken and chivdas in our diet.

Of course, I have learnt to put up with your 101 questions that burst onto me every minute. I should have taken a cue from our first phone talk where you bombarded me with rapid fire questions. It makes me smile how you manage to conjure up so many questions for me always – Why, Where, When, How and then again back to Why (because each question needs to be answered twice). You are probably amongst the few in the world who would rather gift their wife a pair of shoes or jeans because that is much more needed for everyday office life rather than a piece of jewelry which may see the light of the day once a year. . And if nothing else, you’re ‘to do lists’ that precisely reached my inbox at 1 AM some of the nights – because you like to rub your ‘hard working’ trait on me at times. Oh well, indeed I have learnt many lessons from you.

I believe it’s our maturity and understanding that has led to a happy 7 and half months of marriage. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle. Both of us put in the pieces we uniquely hold and when all the right pieces are put together, they form a beautiful picture.

Oh, I must admit, I have never been the ideal ‘Patni’ always. Indeed I have taken the sadistic pleasure in irritating you in my own ways. Like making ‘Shepu’ for Sunday lunch! Or eating apple precisely at the time I am supposed to drive the car. And making sure there is ‘Lauki’ on the table at least once a week.

Its only 11:40 AM now. 10 hours to go before I can break my fast. I am still unsure how this mystical spell works. How on earth does my feeding on limited food items help you to live a longer life! Surely the wife of the Galapagos turtle must be fasting everyday so that her Man lives upto an average age of 100 years!!! Well, all this does go for a toss as I sincerely hope this fast will have some positive effect on our health and well being of our family.

Looking forward to the Moon Rise today evening and many more to come in the future,
Your modern cum traditional Ardhangini,


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