The Walk

One fine evening

I was walking in the woods…

Thick and green, on a tiny trail…

It had been walked through for years yet there were so many paths that diverged from it.

I kept walking on my own created path..

Several animals came by…

The deer’s chasing each other, black bears walking back to their shelter.

The cranes catching their last meal, a hare hopping to his den..

I looked up and saw two stars, shining bright in the sky,

As if giving me company on this lonely night

The road became narrow and steep at places.

With all its curves and bends..

And some paths led to dead end too..

All I knew was how the destination was supposed to be..

The mountain people had told me that the trail could take any amount of time.

So I used my supplies sparingly.

At times I found corpses of those who could not make it

That shuddered my spine and gave me a chill..

And the only warmth I got was from the two stars that travelled with me.

As the paths got curvy it was difficult to see beyond few meters,

I asked for strength from God.

And I walked and walked

Through the dense trees, disappearing in the fog.

At the far end, I saw my destination.

Someone was waiting for me, ready to guide me into my next journey

And I realized I did not have time to look carefully at my destination.

The next journey was waiting for me

And I looked up in the sky

Two stars shone bright over me

And I smiled….

tangytuesday Chosen as a ‘Tangy Tuesday’ pick by BlogAdda on September 29, 2015


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