Darkness, then Light

rm drake


Black, White … and Grey !!!

Today I was reading a blog of one of my idols I look up to, she had written about how there is no such thing as a ‘good’ person. Her thought process reminded me of this piece of article I had written in exactly a year back. I have refined it slightly.

Every coin has two sides – heads and tails, black and white, good or bad. Each one of us expects everything – choices, goals, feelings to be black or white. Either I am happy or sad. Either she is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. But have you seen the grey side in things too?? Yea – the grey side !!

The little black in every white – or the tinge of white in a black….To me, black and white seem rigid, absolute. With no depth, no shade of grey. But the whole perspective at looking at this is subjective. What is black for you is white for me! And vice versa. But that’s not what reality is. Its not perfect. Its grey!

There is no absolute good or absolute bad person in life. Someone who maybe idealistic in academics may have a wild side in life. Its not a movie where the villain is always causing destruction and harm to others. The “bad” people have a good side in life too. So to judge a person and classify them into two categories is like limiting your views and being ignorant completely! The human flaws in a person is exactly what differentiates it from a robot.

According to be, a grey character helps me define how much goodness I let myself envelope in. Whether I accept the shades of grey in others and not get stuck with an idealistic mindset is upto me! After all only an open mind can experience the world from many perspectives!

Morning Ritual

Dawn. Alarm rings. Sun on my face. Twist and turn.

Facebook check. Mails from Papa. Mundane whatsapp messages

Groans. Bathroom flush. Morning bournvita.

Tweets from birds chirping. Squirrels on their marathon run. Silly shadows.

Jeans. Backpack strapped. Music in my ears. Daily walk to office.

Morning runners. Wagging tongues of dog. Perspiring. Sudoric!

Glistering sun. Canopy of trees.

A little chatter. A little silence.

Zooming cars. Busy corporate people. Morning traffic ordeal.  Congestion. Chaos.

Greetings to security officer. Diligent colleagues. Meetings.

New opportunities. Fresh work.